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Fire Damage

Fires can leave both you and your home devastated by loss. Fire damage can mean anything from charred cabinets after a small stove fire, to large-scale destruction from fire, smoke and soot, and even water damage from firefighting efforts. Georgia Interior & Exterior Contractors can handle any size fire restoration project and will restore your home to pre-loss condition.

Because fire damage restoration is a complex process, hiring a professional to restore your home or business can help reduce your total losses, protect your property from additional damages, and will result in a faster turnaround than trying to restore your property yourself.

Smoke & Soot Damage

Smoke and soot residues leftover after a fire can leave residues on walls and ceilings, leaving unsightly staining and odors in your home or business. The type of smoke and soot residues in your property will depend on the type of the fire and the materials that were burned, and it is important to identify the type of soot to identify the most effective method for removal. Homeowners who attempt to remove soot and smoke themselves can actually make the problem worse, leaving a big mess.

At Georgia Interior & Exterior Contractors, we understand how fires behave and can determine the best methods for smoke and soot removal. We can manage all aspects of your fire damage cleanup and restoration, and will return your home or business to pre-loss condition.

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Construction Tips

Licensed and Insured. The last thing you want is a remodeler to be working on your property, only to find out they don't have the proper insurance or aren't licensed to do the work, because if something goes wrong or someone is hurt at a work site, you could be held liable for the damages. Make sure that the remodeler you choose has ample worker's compensation, property damage, and personal liability coverage.

References. The best way to ascertain if the remodeler you choose is skilled and competent enough to do the job is to ask for and verify a list of references consisting of past customers that you can contact. Customers that get what they paid for and who are happy with the job your remodeler has done for them are usually only too happy to provide an endorsement on the remodeler's work. Choose me, and before long you'll be on our reference list!