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Five Tips For Water Damage Cleanup

water damage cleanupWater damage is one of the most problematic and common issues home and business owners face. This blog is intended to point out some specific ways this problem can be avoided and remedied. It is important to remember that while these tips are helpful that when problems occur it should always be referred to professionals. Georgia Interior and Exterior Contractors, with its experienced team of workers, is well equipped to personally help you with any water damage needs or questions you may have.

Tip 1- Clean Out Your Rain Gutters

We all have it on our plans to clean out our rain gutters next weekend. Somehow next week becomes the week after and then the week after that and so on. Before long our gutters get full of blockage. However, it’s important that we take the time to do this. As leaves, bird nests, sticks, and so on, gather in rain gutters the gutters will eventually stop doing their job. Then when a rainy day comes that clogged gutter could send water spilling into your home’s foundation through the roof or even down to the basement. This could cause serious problems! So make sure to periodically keep these gutters clear of debris.

Tip 2- Keep a Close Eye on Your Water Bill

Keep note of what a typical water bill looks like for you and then be on alert for anomalies. There are many water pipes hidden behind walls and floors in a house. It’s not uncommon for those pipes to start leaking. With those leaks accumulating over time you could be in the beginning stages of water damage and not even know it. So keep a close eye on your water bill and if it is unusually high have an expert come and check out your pipes to ensure there are no leaks.

Tip 3- Be Careful Where you Plant

With so many pipes running through the ground it’s important to be careful not to do anything to disturb those pipes. Take care to ensure that you know where those pipes are at in your yard before you plant. Many plants have fast growing roots that could break through your pipes and cause water damage.

Tip 4- Never Pour Grease Down Your Sink

This is a common warning many of us have heard, but it is not to be taken lightly. Grease is very potent and even if you try to flush it down with hot or cold water there is still a good chance for it to stick to your pipes and cause blockage and serious damage.

Tip 5- Do Your Best to Maintain and Then Look for Professional Help

Even after diligently working to prevent water damage, there are still problems that occur. It is best to look to those with experience in that regard instead of risking more damage trying to fix it with little to no experience. Georgia Interior and Exterior Contractors is here to help! With our experience and personal relationship with our clients, we hope we can lend our services to you in preventing and repairing any water damage that takes place in your homes and businesses.

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Licensed and Insured. The last thing you want is a remodeler to be working on your property, only to find out they don't have the proper insurance or aren't licensed to do the work, because if something goes wrong or someone is hurt at a work site, you could be held liable for the damages. Make sure that the remodeler you choose has ample worker's compensation, property damage, and personal liability coverage.

References. The best way to ascertain if the remodeler you choose is skilled and competent enough to do the job is to ask for and verify a list of references consisting of past customers that you can contact. Customers that get what they paid for and who are happy with the job your remodeler has done for them are usually only too happy to provide an endorsement on the remodeler's work. Choose me, and before long you'll be on our reference list!